interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS)

Marine Masters Alumni Network

Foto by Leonardo Gonzalez

The Marine Masters Alumni Network is a developing format. It was initiated by and for marine science students and was further developed with the support of the iMSMS.



The Marine Masters Alumni Network addresses...

...graduates of the marine science study programs and/or the iMSMS in Kiel, who want to network in the marine science professional field, who would like to stay in contact with their fellow students and/or would like to share their experiences made along their own career path with the next generation of marine science students.

...currently enrolled students of the marine science study programs and the iMSMS, who look for potential contact persons and shared experience with regard to ocean-related career paths within and outside acadmia and, who themselves are willing to function as contact persons for prospective and first-year students of the marine sciences.


...bachelor students and freshmen, who would like to underpin their potential choice of MSc studies in a marine science program with examples and experience of marine science graduates and alumni. 



Please register here to the Marine Masters Alumni Network and mailing list with a valid email address and your current status. You can unsubscribe from the network and mailing list anytime by sending us an email.


Contact: M.Sc. Jenny Friedrich