interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS)

About the iMSMS


The interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS) is a model concept for cross-faculty and cross-institutional collaboration in research-based marine science education. In cooperation with all faculties of Kiel University, with associated institutes such as GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel, the Research and Technology Center West Coast (FTZ Büsum), the Kiel Marine Science priority research area (KMS), and the Future Ocean Network the iMSMS pools and provides access to a wide range of marine-focused educational and networking offers. Both students with a marine science background and students from all other disciplines can join and learn about fundamental and current marine research topics from the perspective of the natural and social sciences, law, ethics, informatics, theology, and economics.

The key objective of the iMSMS is to advance marine scientific learning and collaboration beyond disciplinary boundaries, to promote ocean literacy and to create awareness about inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to a sustainable ocean development, to foster student mobility and to support career orientation in the marine sciences. 

Central bodies for the management and development of the iMSMS are the directory, the advisory board and the project coordination. The directory is formed by the Faculties' Deans of Study or their representative, one representative of the steering committee of the priority research area KMS, and two student representatives. The advisory board includes the coordinators of the marine science study programs, teaching scientists engaged in the iMSMS, one representative of the Center for Ocean and Society (CEOS) at CAU and one representative of the Ocean Education & Careers network. 

Please find here the statutes (pdf) of the interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences.

On the iMSMS website, these are the offers and information at a glance:

  • Registration, participation, and recognition of achievements
  • Catalogue "integrated marine sciences" with open elective modules 
  • International marine science Master programs at CAU and GEOMAR
  • Mobility options in the marine sciences
  • Marine master theses in Kiel and abroad (international student project GAME)
  • Career orientation - general and marine science specific networks and offers
  • Current announcements of conferences, summer schools, events, jobs & internships