Ocean Education Initiative

About Ocean Education


Ocean Education is a cross-faculty and cross-institutional initiative* of The Future Ocean network, the Kiel Marine Science priority research area (KMS), and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science at Kiel University (CAU). In cooperation with so far five faculties of CAU and with the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel, it offers students of all disciplines access to marine and environmental science education. The goal of Ocean Education is to advance scientific learning and collaboration beyond disciplinary boundaries, to promote ocean literacy and to create awareness about inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable ocean development, to provide career orientation in the marine sciences and to support individual study interests.

Students of the marine science master's degree programs as well as students of all other disciplines at CAU and also prospective students will find the following offers and information on the Ocean Education sites:

  • Open elective modules with a focus on marine and environmental topics from the natural, legal, political and social sciences, economics, informatics and philosophy.
  • Open elective modules focusing on (marine) sustainability science and transdisciplinary research.
  • Information about the marine master's degree programs at CAU and GEOMAR.
  • Marine master theses in Kiel and abroad (international student project GAME).
  • Current educational offers and internships for career orientation in the marine sciences.
  • (Extra)curricular activities in the marine science priority program and  general qualification offers at CAU.


You can use our offer and service if you are enrolled in a study program at Kiel University (CAU) or participate in an exchange program, and if you register once in the Ocean Education program. Further information on the confirmation of your participation and on the acceptance of acquired ECTS in your curriculum can be found here.


*Follwing the adoption of its statute, the Ocean Education Initiative will become Master School for (interdisciplinary) Marine Science.